Generate an instant income, anytime you want …
even on a shoestring budget, and even WITHOUT a website…

The Lazy Way To Email Riches 

“One email campaign… (i.e., sending a certain set of emails to a particular group of people) generated me $171,426.49 - and it all happened on autopilot while I was on family vacation in Florida…”

Nick James

Dear Friend,

In a moment you are going to discover a wonderfully proven way for you to make money on the Internet, from someone who actually does what you are now about to read. 

In fact, what if I told you it’s possible for you to make thousands of dollars per month … every month … doing something that only takes 20-30 minutes a day to do?

I know it sounds remarkable, but that’s precisely one of the things this man is doing right now on the Internet … and astonishingly he first set this little money-maker up over 21 years ago and it hasn’t failed to make money every month since. As he said:

“…it’s embarrassing how successful it is … and the cost of setting It up is so cheap that
anyone can have a go…”

So, who is he?  His name is Nick James. He is among many ordinary people who quickly and continually make money online EVERY DAY using a simple email marketing system. And in the next few minutes, you’ll see how you can do the same even if:

You HATE computers
You find the Internet totally confusing
You just don’t have much time to learn computer stuff
You haven’t even the faintest idea how to set up a website
You have no product, service or business idea

In fact, none of that matters because to do this you don’t need any special skills or education … you risk virtually no money … and you can run the whole thing in your spare time from home or your local coffee shop if that’s what you prefer.

The Zero-Risk, Virtually FREE
Email System…

With Nick’s simple email system, you can start earning an income online within 24-48 hours after you begin. As you’ll hear him explain, they’ve had people who literally started with practically nothing and generated their first $1,000 within 30 days of taking a leap of faith and getting started. 

Another huge benefit is that this system runs almost entirely using email and generates profits without the need for a full-blown website. So, if you don’t want to have a website… 

...No problem.

But the real beauty of it is, that unlike a traditional offline business, where you have no alternative but to take financial risks…with an email-based business like this, which has such low costs… It’s virtually FREE TO START AND RUN! 


No huge start-up costs
No expensive monthly bills
No costly ads to run in magazines, newspapers or on Facebook/Google
No costly brochures or catalogues to get printed
No sales letters to mail
No postage to buy
No stock to keep
No boxes to pack
Nothing to post

In other words, you can literally operate this email-based system as often as you want, whenever you want. 

$7,792.11 PROFIT From Each Email Sent…

Actually, it’s almost impossible to lose money with this email system if you know what you’re doing. As Nick described:

“One email campaign, which contained 22 emails sent out over a 30-day period, generated me $171,426.49 - and it all happened on autopilot while I was on a family vacation in Florida…” 

A detail by the way, which I should make a point of emphasising here, is that he’s NOT talking about gross revenue, but NET PROFIT

In other words, that’s the money you actually put in your pocket and take home. 

So, after banking $171,426.49 what do you think he did next? 

Precisely what you and I would have done … He repeated the process and set up another email campaign:

“I send out simple emails like this every day of the week … That’s how I continue to make money online every day… None of this is just theoretical… It’s what really makes money...”

Furthermore, with this system, all the cash is automatically put directly into your bank account electronically… So you don’t even have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. 

And once set up, you can have this email system working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… Bringing in money from all over the world, while you’re sat on the sofa watching TV, lying on a beach while on vacation, or (my favorite) even if you’re fast asleep.

Just imagine waking up each morning, making yourself a quick cup of coffee… and then checking the email notifications on your smartphone to see how much cash was generated by the system overnight while you slept. 

No customers to personally deal with … No products to personally deal with … No face-to-face contact … No telephone contact necessary

It all works quietly in the background while you get on with the things you want to do in your life. Think about it. The potential of this email system is staggering. 

Especially when you compare it to a traditional offline business for example. How would you feel if you start a new business WITHOUT any of the usual start-up costs? 

No premises. No vehicles.
No Staff. No Stock. No Stress.

But you could still reach out to between 20,000-50,000 people a day, who were interested in the exact products and services you were writing to them about, once again for VIRTUALY FREE...  

...No Risk … No Cost … Nothing!

Are you beginning to get the picture? 

In such a case you could hardly help to make anything but a profit, because the running costs are just so low. This is what Nick does every single month and what you are soon going to have the chance of doing for yourself.

Individuals Are Paying Over $1,000 Per HOUR To Be Taught This…

In fact, Nick has been making so much money with this system, that individuals all over the world are offering to pay him a good portion of the revenue his methods generate, if he’ll just agree to help them.

And his private clients are paying him around $1,000+ PER HOUR for his personal tuition and consultation.

Why are people so eager and willing to pay such high prices?  Simply because in just a few hours, he can show them how to make amazing profits online, in a way that no one else can.  

Now, that’s obviously good news for those few who can afford it, but for most people, his system is just way out of their reach financially.  

And even if they did have the money, today they’d probably be disappointed anyway because he very rarely consults with new clients anymore.

The only other possibility of learning this system from him directly is to attend one of the exclusive virtual live events which he privately hosts online.

But, just like an ‘in person’ event… at between $5,000-$10,000 a seat, … once again, these virtual workshops are often beyond the financial reach of most individuals. 

Besides, you’d probably have to wait at least another year for the next one, even if you could get in, because these opportunities are so rare… There’s only one or two a year. That’s it.

And because he restricts the release of any kind of recordings of these virtual events (to stop the information being released to the general public), I doubt you will be able to find any video / audio recordings online either.

The Lazy Way To Email Riches Home Study Course…

All of which would leave you thinking how ‘typical’ it was, to have finally discovered a simple way of making money (with the potential to make tens of thousands of dollars per month), but then, only to be denied access to that information because of the cost of accessing the training. 

Ordinarily this would indeed be frustrating… If it wasn’t for something that Nick decided to create a few months ago, which he has only just told me and a small group of his other past students about.

I discovered that unbeknown to most people who have heard of Nick’s online success, that he recently took the time during the global pandemic to write down the complete procedure of his entire email system. 

He did this with the sole intention of creating a step-by-step training package which he could provide to his private coaching clients during his high-priced live workshops. But, I suppose, for want of another description you could also describe what he created as being a stand-alone home study course.

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this new home study course directly from Nick and I must say, I found it very, very exciting (understatement). 

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can also get access to this remarkable home study course for yourself… and how you could also begin making big money with this simple email system for yourself too. 

Personally, I think that it’s fascinating how something so simple can generate so much revenue with hardly any upfront costs.

But first I think I should tell you how Nick discovered this system and then very briefly reveal to you some of the extraordinary things you’re going to discover. 

How To Turn A Small Investment Into A Profit By The End Of Each Month Using Email…

It begun just over 20 years ago when, knowing very little about the Internet, Nick decided to play around a bit with his old desk-top computer.  And it was while doing this that he unearthed and developed a really simple, but powerful way to make money online. A system which has since gone on to make him an Internet Millionaire.

In fact, thanks entirely to the profits generated from his online business, together with his wife (Kate), he has 

recently moved into to a new luxury $1.6m home in the Hampshire UK countryside. A property complete with gymnasium, sauna and swimming pool. All set in about an acre of mature gardens. 

Yet he only started his business from very humble beginnings. In fact, sitting in front of his slow old desktop computer and armed with just $19, he put his idea to the test. 

The result?  

Well let’s hear it in his own words:

“My first month I got ($200) back. Not a bad return on revenue. 
It got me thinking, if I went back in and put ($1,500) in would that mean I get ($15,000) back? Well yeah, that’s what happened…”

Since then he hasn’t looked back.  He’d stumbled upon a simple way of turning a small investment into a regular profit by the end of each month, and it’s just grown and grown ever since, until now he is at a stage where he is banking huge sums every year.  

Now I should point out that things have moved on since Nick started.  He doesn’t believe you can start on $19 today as he did, but he does believe that around $50 is all you need to get the whole thing moving.  So, still not exactly ‘a fortune’. 

How To Guarantee In Advance That You'll Prosper On The Internet 

In fact, his system has proven so accurate that you can practically predict results… Predict what’s going to earn the big money online… And also, what would ‘flop’ if you attempted to try that instead.

You literally have the power to determine the success or failure of any product/service online … in advance (he’ll also explain how to easily find proven products and/or services you can make money with within just minutes of getting started).

This means that you can virtually guarantee your success BEFORE you even start.  This, as you’ll discover from the system, is where Nick demonstrates exactly what it takes to make this happen, by walking you through the very same steps that he personally uses every day to make millions of dollars each year online. It’s captivating stuff!

From $12,911.41 While Staying At A Spanish Villa To $171,426.49 Banked In Just One Weekend While On Vacation…

Actually, I’ve got to say that what’s contained in this amazing fast-start training package, makes you quickly realise exactly what’s possible… And what you could also soon be making from the comfort of your own home. With nothing more than a standard laptop computer and this proven email system.

Okay, so if you want to ‘split hairs’ you’ll also need an Internet connection, but if you don’t already have that set up at home – you could just go to your local Starbucks and use free WiFi.

It’s really basic stuff, yet can lead you to the most amazing lifestyle once it’s all set up.

For instance, Nick reveals how it is possible for you to make money using email from some of the most beautiful places on earth.  

You’ll hear about how a friend of his, using the same system made $12,911.41 in just ten days from a beachside villa in Spain.

You’ll also learn how a typical day for you could start unhurriedly at around 10:30am each morning. You’ll discover a business which allows you to ease your way into work each day.  To take a leisurely breakfast … to live at your own pace … where there’s no commuting … no hassle … no pressure.

For example, Nick describes how he made $171,426.49 while he was on vacation in Florida and learning to SCUBA Dive and basically just having a good time.  Imagine that $171,426.49 in just one month … That’s more than most people earn in 3 whole years … and not only that, remember he wasn’t even working… and this was during his family vacation.

Now that really is the way to live!

Obviously learning to SCUBA Dive may not be something you’d personally enjoy, maybe you’d prefer sailing, pottering around in the garden, shopping, walking in the country, relaxing on a beach, fishing, playing golf, painting, travelling. I don’t know what it is for you.  

But the point is, when you’re taught how to do this, you’ll come to appreciate that along with the money, comes a great deal of freedom, because you just don’t have to put in that many hours a week to maintain an email-based business.  

Once set-up and running, a couple of hours a day should suffice… Plus when you consider the small daily tasks the system requires can be done from anywhere in the world, your imagination can start to run wild about the possibilities that you now have in front of you. 

You could easily carry everything out aboard a yacht as you cruised around the Caribbean if you so choose. 

The technology’s there if you want to use it.

You Can Run Multiple Email Based Businesses In Less Than 1 Hour A Day… 

And all this is possible because of the ability to automate everything using special software. 

I’m sure you probably already know that these days there’s computer software out there that can do pretty much anything for you… and that includes software you can pre-program to send exactly the right email messages… to exactly the right people… at exactly the right time.

In fact, thousands of individuals can be emailed in seconds and invited to visit any webpage, anywhere on the Internet, whenever you decide for that to happen.

Within a few minutes of sending an email like this, literally thousands of people can begin clicking on the links within the email message you wrote and sent them… and ultimately begin spending money online as a direct result. 

It’s at this point that you start making a profit, because depending on what the product/service you mentioned in your email was, anywhere up to 100% of the purchase price is then automatically and instantly deposited into your bank account.  

Indeed, it’s through using such a special software program and being able to fully automate the process, that Nick’s been able to run multiple online businesses in less than an hour a day. A process that’s so simple, he fully explains everything in detail within his exclusive new home study course.

Including full details of the software he uses to run his business, which you’ll probably want to start using yourself by setting up a free subscription

The software itself is ridiculously simple to use. In fact, I’m sure you’ll be able to master using it in just a couple of hours by simply ‘dinking around’ with it.  

This software alone will:

Increase your response rate through automatic personalisation of emails
Email your subscribers the exact offer they're ready for, on the exact day they're ready for it
Split test which subject lines get the most opens/clicks (enabling you to send more of those emails to maximize your overall profits). 
Track the exact number of visitors each email message has sent to any website of your choice and the revenue generated.
View your performance data from any computer in the world
Much, much more.

The Secrets To Profiting From Hundreds Of Thousands Of Products Or Services Online

You’ll also discover one of the key elements to the success of this whole system.

The one thing that really makes it different from anything else out there… and the one thing few individuals are aware of.  

I won’t say too much here, but I will give you a clue.  

Your success or failure is NOT dependent on your product/service itself, but on something much, much more important.  In fact, this secret alone will save you from wasting the next 12 months of your life.

But rest assured, this method will work for any product or service any way.  In fact, it doesn’t matter which industry or niche market you end up generating an income from online, this simple email system will work.  

For example, if the product is a consumable (like vitamins, nutritional supplements etc), you’ll learn how to easily generate repeat income instantly and automatically

And if your product isn’t consumable (like an eBook, online video course or membership site), you’ll learn a method which will indicate to you, which product your customers are most likely to buy next – so you can offer it to them through profitable joint ventures. 

It’s easy money. 

I can’t really cover everything in this letter of course, but in addition to what I’ve already mentioned, I will briefly list just a few of the other extraordinary things you are going to learn from Nick via this remarkable Lazy Way To Email Riches home study program:

The ‘grind’ free way to make a ton of money online working just 30 minutes or less a day sending simple emails.

How to set up your new email business to make profits for you at any time of the day or night.

How to grow an incredibly profitable business by ‘giving away’ free stuff people will love… which virtually guarantees that thousands of dollars can start dropping into your bank account within days.

The one thing you can add to your email system that can act as 'A Gateway' to to your wealth and fortune, (page 13).

Which type of email people simply can’t wait to open and why… (and which ones they hate). Once you know this you will have people desperately checking their emails waiting for your next message.

8 essential parts that make up the perfect email… get this right and you will have readers reaching for the credit or debit card within seconds.

The real 'Secret Sauce' to making a fortune with email… (and it's not what you'd first expect it to be).

How to have thousands of people CHOOSE to join your email list for free at the drop of a hat! (page 48)

The fastest way to make a ton of money when sending emails. All the 'big dogs' do this when they want a quick cash injection. (page 84).

How to get people to react and respond to your emails with these proven tried and tested methods

The one thing which can 'make or break' your success using emails… Get this right and you are going to be raking it in! Get this wrong and you'll only scrape by (page 108)

The 'lightning speed' email creation process which is perfect for lazy-days when you only want to click and go back to bed (page 112)

The most 'crucial' yet simple thing you need to know in order to be successful with email. Get this wrong and you can forget making a lot of money (page 114)

The secret technique for getting to THE TRUTH about how your subscribers really feel about you (and how to use this information to make even greater profits).

How to turn your email list into your own personal cash machine. This way you can make cash withdrawals whenever you like. (page 126)

Insider secrets to increasing your results using a powerful technique no one else teaches.

How to have your email subscribers clamouring over each other to buy whatever you recommend (while ignoring everyone else) using an easy unique laser focused method).

The PI technique of grabbing your prospects attention and stopping them dead in their tracks. Most email marketers don't know this method so you will instantly have an unfair advantage.

I could just go on and on, because as you’ll probably have appreciated by now, it’s not just the email system which you’ll find out about, but all the secrets Nick has used to go from working on a tight shoe-string budget, to becoming an Internet Millionaire.

Now You Can Study The Entire
Lazy Way To Email Riches Home Study Course For The Lowest Price Ever…

It’s just the most exciting home study course you’ll ever read about making money online.  

Which, remember, features a simple email system which has already generated millions of dollars for the person that created it… and has the potential to generate much more in the future, for anyone that wants to begin using it.

However, as I said earlier, until now it’s just been impossible for the ordinary individual to find out about this.  

Either because of the $1,000+per hour personal tuition fee or the $5,000-$10,000 price of a seat at one of those exclusive high-priced workshops, the system has just been out of the reach of most people’s pockets I’m afraid.

That is until now, because right now and for a short time only, you are able to secure digital access to Nick’s entire new Lazy Way To Email Riches Home Study Course for just $97.

Remember, this is the same system that individuals have previously paid him $1,000+ per hour to learn.

Why such a low price?  

Certainly not because of the quality, which is first class by the way… But because Nick recently decided that he would also like to release access to The Lazy Way To Email Riches home study course to the public, so that the ordinary person in the street can get a hold of this information… Rather than just those who have $1,000+ per hour to spare to learn this from him privately. 

He has stipulated this low $97 price in order to achieve that aim. 

To enable this to happen while he still remains busy with his private coaching students (and making money online using these methods himself)… I volunteered my services to help him to get the word out about this extraordinary opportunity in any way I could, which is why I am writing to you today. 

To invite you to become one of the first people outside Nick’s private group to gain access and start making money with this unique system. 

Your Full Satisfaction,
Full Money Back Guarantee

I know that you will be overjoyed with everything you discover in The Lazy Way To Email Riches home study course and the difference that making money by email can have on your life. However, I also realize that this method of making money may all be a very new to you.

Therefore, to make you feel totally happy and comfortable about requesting access to The Lazy Way To Email Riches home study course today, I want to give you the opportunity to download and review everything and put it into action for the next 30 days without any risk or obligation whatsoever.  

Then, if you don’t think you can make money with The Lazy Way To Email Riches system in that time, then no problem, just send a quick email, within 30 days, to Nick and his team, to let them know and they'll refund your money in full. 

There’s no questions … no gimmicky rules.  You don’t have to explain why you don’t want to continue.  Nothing!

All that's being asked of you is that you just go through and review everything … Even try it out if you like.  Either way, if you aren’t completely thrilled, then honestly it would be completely inappropriate for him to keep your money. Our goal is for you to be completely happy.  So just let him know if it’s not for you for any reason and you'll receive a full refund.

However, when you see just how quick and easy, it is to get started with hardly any upfront costs… It’s hard for me to imagine why you would not be over-the-moon from the very beginning. 

Secure Your Lazy Way To Email Riches Home Study Course Today

(And Receive An Additional Bonus Package Worth $99.80 – Completely Free)

When you place your order today you will also receive a remarkable quick start extra bonus package worth $99.80 completely free of charge which contains some amazing extra items…

Special Report Number 1:  
How To Craft High-Response Subject Lines 

It may be just 1-10 words long, but the email subject line you use can often mean the difference between getting paid a little.. and getting paid A LOT when it comes to sending out your emails and counting the cash that comes in during the hours that follow.

This handy special report will guide you through crafting the very best subject lines possible to encourage the highest number of people to open, read and act on the rest of your message. 

Special Report Number 2:  
50 Call To Action Phrases That Get Results!

Encouraging your readers to click a link and visit a website in every email you send is equally as important as getting your email opened in the first place. 

So, with that in mind here are a total of 50 Call To Action Phrases you can just ‘copy and paste’ into any email message you send, on any subject, for any niche… which will work like 'gangbusters' to encourage your subscribers give you the highest number of clicks in the shortest amount of time. 

Special Report Number 3:  
Pre-Flight Email Checklists

Not to be confused with a single sheet of paper containing a handful of bullet points and corresponding check boxes…  

In contrast this is effectively a second training manual in its own right. It will guide you through every decision you need to make. 

Checklists for ensuring you're making the most amount of money possible, to how best to build relationships with your email subscribers and even how to revive a cold/dead list, are all included. 

With this handy collection of checklists at your side, there will be nothing to stop you from creating and sending ‘money making emails’ for many years to come.

Special Report Number 4:  
Instant Email Subscribers

While the ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches‘ manual shows you how to start building a list of opt-in subscribers from ZERO… and then growing that list into, hundreds, thousands and even tens-of-thousands of people that want to hear from you each day…

I know that you’re going to be eager to ‘hit-the-ground-running’ and get going in the shortest amount of possible time. So, for that reason Nick's also going to share with you one of his little-known techniques for getting Instant Email Subscribers in a way that very few people know about. Everything is laid out in just 8 pages and will take you no more than a few minutes to put into action. 

You will not want to miss this, As this one technique alone is worth more than your super low investment in this entire package.

Thanks to these extra free bonus items, you will have everything you need to get started making money in the shortest amount of time possible.

Act Now:
Don’t Waste The Next
Year Of Your Life…

I’m sure you agree this is remarkable value. Just $97 for the same method others have paid $1,000+ an hour to learn privately, or paid between $5,000-$10,000 to learn at exclusive live workshops/seminars. Plus, on top of that you get the extra free bonus package that’s valued at $99.80. And even then, the whole package is FULLY GUARANTEED.

Really, it’s difficult to see how you could possibly get a better deal. Especially when you consider that many of the million-dollar secrets that Nick shares within his Lazy Way To Email Riches home study course, can’t be found anywhere else. 

So why waste the next year of your life just sitting idly by watching others, like Nick, raking it in, when with a little effort on your part you could so easily be joining them? 

And think about the powerful position you’ll be in once you know how to make thousands of dollars from your home in under an hour a day with a simple email system, how to skyrocket those profits, automate your business, guarantee – in advance – every product you choose to promote will make you money.

Your next step is to secure your digital download access to the complete Lazy Way To Email Riches home study course, by simply clicking the button below and completing the secure Priority Review Request Form.  

Do this now and literally a whole new way of making money from your home will be opened to you.



Rupen Doshi

PS. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose as this remarkable home study course – together with all the bonuses, is FULLY GUARANTEED.  If you do not think you can make consistent profits online, like Nick has done over the last 20 years, using this information simply let him know by email within 30 days, and he will arrange for you to receive a full refund.

PPS. What’s more, even if you do decide to request a refund for The Lazy Way To Email Riches Home Study Course, you’re welcome to still keep everything you have downloaded. That includes both the main training itself and the entire contents of the bonus package worth an additional $99.80 with our compliments. 

PPPS. This ‘early bird’ digital launch price is the lowest it will ever be. Nick has already started talking about making The Lazy Way To Email Riches a physical home study course that he’ll ship out to customers for $297 (+S&H). I don’t know how long he’ll continue to agree to provide access for just $97, so request your review copy now while you can download everything immediately for the lowest possible price.

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