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“If You Can, I’ll Show You Exactly How To Make A Life-Changing $8,000+ A Month Despatching Simple Emails From Home…

...No Office… No Staff… And Do It At Any Time That Suits You!”

Nick James

Hi there,

Imagine sitting down this afternoon with your laptop, tablet or even your smart phone (I use that most of all these days) and writing out one simple email…

...An email that has less than 300 words and takes you just a few minutes to write...

...Then you press ‘Send’…

And Then, Over The Next Few Days, Literally Thousands Of Dollars Land In Your Bank Account…
All Because Of That Simple Little Email.

Pure fantasy? 

Not at all. I’ve done it many times. And… I’ll even show you some of my recent emails to prove it. 

I’ve written lots of emails over the years, just like the one described above and some have been incredibly successful.  But, even the ‘losers’ still tend to make more money than most people bring home each month working full-time.

Emails Just Like This Have Landed Thousands Of Dollars Into My Bank Account Within Days, and Tens of Thousands Within Weeks Of Pressing ‘Send’.

It doesn’t matter where you are… You could be at home sitting at your kitchen table, at a hotel on vacation, sitting at the beach, sitting on a train or the bus to town or even travelling through Europe in an RV/Motorhome if that’s your thing… The fact is, these simple emails can be written anywhere… at anytime, and by anyone. 

You could use your laptop… smartphone … tablet … or even use a computer in your local library (or at a cyber café). It really doesn’t matter.

You Can Write A Profitable Email Anywhere... On Anything... At Anytime

A simple email that could generate thousands of dollars promoting other people’s products!

That’s right, you don’t even have to spend hours creating your own products… I suggest you do one day, and I shall explain why a little later… but be reassured, you can start this business today without any of your own products and still make some serious money simply by promoting other people’s products.

And they will very happily pay you handsomely to do it…

Absolutely Anyone Can Do This...

I can’t tell you how much money I have made promoting other people’s products and services… but it’s definitely in the range of millions of dollars. 

And where do I find these products ?

People either contact me or I go looking for suitable products at one of a couple of specialist online resources I’ll tell you about, where people are willing to pay you a handsome commission to promote their products for them.

Writing Simple Emails Has Landed Thousands Of Dollars In My Bank Account Within Days, Tens of Thousands Within Weeks and in Some Cases... Hundreds of Thousands Over A Few Short Months... And Millions Over The Years!

Would you like to learn how to do the same?

If the recent Coronavirus situation has left you wanting to find a better way to earn money… One which allows you to work and earn from home… 

...Or from anywhere you fancy… 

...Then this is the perfect business for you.

And if you are concerned that now is not a good time to start your own SIX FIGURE BUSINESS due to all of the 'doom and gloom' we are hearing about on the news and in the newspapers right now about the increased cost of living, let me reassure you for a second…

...There has really Never Been A Better Time to get started for three reasons…

These easy-to-write emails bring in serious money when times are tough – and they don’t come much tougher than they are right now.
These emails are even more powerful when the world is relying on the internet for its requirements, just like it is right now.
With further national and local lockdowns coming and going, you probably have some free time available at the moment to learn how to do this.

And there isn’t really a lot to learn… once you have understood the basics it is simply a case of getting started and putting what you discover into action.

Would you like me to show you exactly what I do to make thousands of dollars each month sending simple emails? 

If so, keep reading…

Because I have been doing this now for over 21 years now, and I love it as much today as I did when I started all those years ago.

Just imagine for a moment…

No more stress, no more boss, no more commuting, no more being rudely woken up by an alarm, and no more worrying about money... 

...What’s more you can start your own Six Figure Business today for just a few dollars, thanks to the overall low costs involved in setting up an online business compared to trying to start an offline business. 

If you have $50 to spare that’s all you need to get all the ‘tools’ you need.

I call it The Lazy Way To Email Riches because of just how laid back and easy it is to make your full time income online – just by sending out as little as one little message a day.

What you will love the most is the freedom this system brings. 

After all, you can prepare your emails at any time that suits you – create and send one email a day… Or create them in batches and schedule them to be drip-fed and sent out over the days/weeks ahead if that’s what suits you. 

Do whatever fits in with your plans.

But isn’t that impossible?

Sounds like a mad, crazy, implausible idea, doesn’t it? Particularly if you’ve become accustomed to working hard for every last nickel and dime, or you’ve bought into the idea that you never get anything for nothing in life?

Well it isn’t!

Let me tell you that it isn’t mad, it isn’t crazy and it isn’t implausible. The plain truth is that I’ve written hundreds of emails like this over the years and they have all made me and my company money in one way or another.


Well, let me explain. The email is simply an alert, notifying people about something which they must see. It directs them to information about a product they can then buy, which in turn will help them to either solve a problem they are facing in their lives or brings them closer to achieving a goal they have set for themselves.

Once a sale is made, I make money. It really is that simple.

It really is one of the laziest ways on the planet to make money today and the truth is, absolutely anyone can do this.

You Don’t Need To Be A Writer!

This is something most people have trouble getting their head around, and I can understand why.

You see, very few professional writers make any meaningful money from their writing. Most of them would actually starve if they relied on their income from writing.

And yet here I am saying that you can ‘write yourself wealthy with emails'.

So how the heck can you solve all your financial problems by writing simple email promotions, when even clever ‘professional writers’ can’t make money writing books?

By Knowing What To Write
And What To Write About!

That’s where the professionals make their big mistake. They invest all their skills, effort and enthusiasm into writing stuff which very few people want to read, or in fields where there is massive competition, or where the rewards for success are relatively small. 

Very few people make any big money writing story books!

Plus… the books they write are usually created for fun, they are cheap as chips and they are published on platforms like Amazon Kindle where they have very little control over the pricing expectations of the public or the selling process.

This is different though… Very different. 

In contrast, as email marketers, we only feature the products and services which people want and need and also come with a premium price tag.

Yes, we’re only writing short emails, but the subject will be something which the recipients are intensely interested in.

We make sure of that – in advance.  And we’re going to be directing them to a website where they’ll be asked to spend some money! 

Maybe we’re not skilled and trained writers, but we don’t need to be in order to say what we need to say... And when we get it right… (And more often than not we do)… the rewards can be huge.

For example, one such email promotion campaign (containing just 22 emails) brought in over $7,792.11 per email! 

There can’t be many writers in any field that can say that, and remember, I’m not a writer! I couldn’t craft a novel to save my life… But I can pop open my notes app on my iPhone, write a series of emails and generate thousands of dollars in sales.

Why did I make so much money?

Because I knew what to write about and how to write it... 

And here’s the most exciting thing… 

None of this is particularly difficult to learn. In fact, you could master the entire process in a single afternoon … And still have time left over to send out your first email message.

You Could Be Just One Email Promotion Away From An End To Your Financial Worries.

Here’s the secret to making thousands of dollars from a single promotion….

Once you’ve written an email that makes money, there’s almost no limit to how many people will read it. And the more people that read it, the more money you’ll make.

Some Emails Continue To Make Money
For A Decade Or More.

Can You Imagine That?

You sit down and create an email this afternoon, and in ten years time that same email could still be ‘working’ on autopilot to put $1,000… $5,000… $10,000 or even more in your bank account each year

Just a few minutes ‘work’ if you can call it that…  and then nothing more to do other than keep monitoring results and sending out some additional follow-up emails. 

Even today, 21 years after I created my first email promotion, I find that tremendously exciting. If the mere thought of it doesn’t give you a buzz, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

But if it does, I think you should, at the very least, grab the risk-free opportunity you’re about to be given with BOTH HANDS... 

... And discover how to make this extremely enjoyable way to make money from home a real option for you and transform the way you live your life forever.

The Lazy Way To Email Riches Home Study Course…

For the first time, I’m releasing details of my proven ‘email success formula’ and now you can learn how to do this for yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

I’ve just created something I’m calling The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home. It’s arguably the most potent and powerful insider dossier you’ll ever have the opportunity to get your hands on. 

There’s absolutely no doubt that you can do this. And what’s more, you can do it alone, from home and without any previous experience whatsoever. 

… Or it could even be your very first step on the road to a multi-million dollar fortune (if that’s your goal).

Inside The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home you will discover…

The ‘grind’ free way to make a ton of money online in just 30 minutes or less a day sending simple emails.
How to set up your new email business to make profits for you at any time of the day or night (leaving you free to enjoy doing more exciting things each day).
How to grow an incredibly profitable business by ‘giving away’ free stuff people will love… which virtually guarantees that thousands of dollars can start dropping into your bank account within days.
The one thing you can add to your email system that will can act as 'A Gateway' to to your wealth and fortune, (page 13).
Which type of email people simply can’t wait to open and why… (and which ones they hate). Once you know this you will have people desperately checking their emails waiting for your next message.
8 essential parts that make up the perfect email… get this right and you will have readers reaching for the credit or debit card within seconds.
The real 'Secret Sauce' to making a fortune with email… (and it's not what you'd first expect it to be).
How to have thousands of people CHOOSE to join your email list for free at the drop of a hat! (page 48).
The fastest way to make a ton of money when sending emails. All the 'big dogs' do this when they want a quick cash injection. (page 84).
How to get people to react and respond to your emails with these proven tried and tested methods.
The one thing which can 'make or break' your success using emails… Get this right and you are going to be raking it in! Get this wrong and you'll only scrape by (page 108).
The 'lightning speed' email creation process which is perfect for lazy-days when you only want to click and go back to bed (page 112).
The most 'crucial' yet simple thing you need to know in order to be successful with email. Get this wrong and you can forget making a lot of money (page 114).
The secret technique for getting to THE TRUTH about how your subscribers really feel about you (and how to use this information to make even greater profits).
How to turn your email list into your own personal cash machine. This way you can make cash withdrawals whenever you like. (page 126).
Insider secrets to increasing your results using a powerful technique no one else teaches.
How to have your email subscribers clamouring over each other to buy whatever you recommend (while ignoring everyone else) using an easy unique laser focused method).
The PI technique of grabbing your prospects attention and stopping them dead in their tracks. Most email marketers don't know this method so you will instantly have an unfair advantage.

Plus, as an extra bonus when you request your copy of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home’ today... You’re also going to receive these four additional special reports with my compliments:

Special Report Number 1:  
How To Craft High-Response Subject Lines 

It may be just 1-10 words long, but the email subject line you use can often mean the difference between getting paid a little... and getting paid A LOT when it comes to sending out your emails and counting the cash that comes in during the hours that follow.

This handy special report will guide you through crafting the very best subject lines possible to encourage the highest number of people to open, read and act on the rest of your message. 

Special Report Number 2:  
50 Call To Action Phrases That Get Results!

Encouraging your readers to click a link and visit a website in every email you send is equally as important as getting your email opened in the first place. 

So, with that in mind here are a total of 50 Call To Action Phrases you can just ‘copy and paste’ into any email message you send, on any subject, for any niche… which will work like 'gangbusters' to encourage your subscribers to give you the highest number of clicks in the shortest amount of time. 

Special Report Number 3:  
Pre-Flight Email Checklists

Not to be confused with a single sheet of paper containing a handful of bullet points and corresponding check boxes…  

In contrast, this is effectively a second training manual in its own right. It will guide you through every decision you need to make. 

Checklists for ensuring you're making the most amount of money possible, to how best to build relationships with your email subscribers and even how to revive a cold/dead list are all included. 

With this handy collection of checklists at your side, there will be nothing to stop you from creating and sending ‘money making emails’ for many years to come.

Special Report Number 4:  
Instant Email Subscribers

While the ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches‘ manual shows you how to start building a list of opt-in subscribers from ZERO… and then growing that list into, hundreds, thousands and even tens-of-thousands of people that want to hear from you each day…

...I know that you’re going to be eager to ‘hit-the-ground-running’ and get going in the shortest amount of possible time. So, for that reason I’m also going to share with you one of my little-known techniques for getting Instant Email Subscribers in a way that very few people know about. Everything is laid out in just 8 pages and will take you no more than a few minutes to put into action. 

You will not want to miss this, As this one technique alone is worth more than your super low investment in this entire package.

As you can see, these four additional special reports are packed with lots of additional useful information to help you get started making money by sending simple emails in the shortest amount of time. 

While I could make them available separately, I’d rather give you everything you need in one handy package and include them with my compliments … As a free fast-action bonus if you like, for taking prompt action and getting started today.

This Really Is The
Ultimate Freedom Business

How else could you ever ‘just pop open your laptop or tablet’ while enjoying a relaxing coffee or ice-cold beer at a beach bar on vacation… And quickly tap out an email which can pull in more money in a single day, than it originally cost you to go on your vacation in the first place. 

When life is this good, forget just taking one or two vacations a year. You’ll be able to travel wherever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the start-up costs or worrying about the ‘techie’ side of things, don’t. 

The software system I have used for decades to send out the emails has just gone through a serious upgrade. It’s now even easier to use than ever before. If you can type with 2-fingers and ‘copy and paste’, you can do this. 

And it’s affordable to everyone as you can open an account completely free of charge… and even when they ask you to upgrade later, when you’re business has grown, it’s still going to average just 63c per day… see page 10 of the ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches‘ manual for further details.

Don’t let the low costs fool you. These short, simple emails can really ‘pack a punch’ and work way better than some expensive ‘Fancy Dan’ website you may have wrongly imagined you’d need.

Simple works best. Always has, always will.

Remember that email promotion campaign I told you about earlier… The one that I said had brought in $7,792.11 per email?

Well, most of those 22 emails were sent out while I was on vacation with my family in Florida, learning to Scuba Dive with my son. 

Some of the emails were written on the flight there... Others while I sat poolside at the AirBnB... (and then a final few on the night-flight as we headed home).

Each email contained a link to the website for readers to click on and in total that email campaign brought in $171,426.49

And, as you can imagine, it hardly cost me anything to do, a few cents at the most, if anything, that was it.

Before we close this up, I’m going to let you in on one more secret

Once you’ve selected a profitable niche market (and you’ll discover how to do that within the The Lazy Way To Email Riches Home Study Course) about 80% of the money-making power of your promotion comes down to just three small elements, comprising perhaps 100-200 words at most. 

Needless to say, you’ll learn exactly what these are in the manual.

But just think about that for a moment…

You Might Be Less Than 200 Words From An End To All Your Financial Worries!

Isn’t that exciting?  

Look, I know times are tough. They’re tough for everyone. But if you’re looking for a way forward, I think you should let me show you how to do this. 

You can even get the ball rolling and get started today. In fact, has there never been a better time, than the moment you have right now... right this second... to make a decision to do something new, which could ultimately change your live forever.

All you need is a little bravery to temporarily step out of your comfort zone and the desire to learn this business… a business remember, that can set you up for the rest of your life.

‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches’ could literally be worth millions of dollars to you over the course of the next couple years. 

Everything you need to make a life-changing income is explained in this exciting new home study course.

Here’s How To
Reserve Your Copy Today…

When ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches‘ goes on sale to the public later this year as a physical home study course, it won’t carry a price tag which even remotely reflects the huge value which is locked up within it.

Remember, this business regularly drops thousands of dollars into my bank account for what is just a few minutes work each day.

However, despite all this, I’ve decided to set the price of the physical course to be just $297. That’s because $297 will give us a fair return on the time and work we’ve put into creating this amazing home study course and explaining the income opportunity you with have to make thousands of dollars for many years to come, while at the same time, giving you a great deal.

But I Don’t Want You To Pay That Today (Or Anything Like It)

Between now and the global launch of the physical version of the course later in the year, I want to get as many genuine customer comments together as possible.

And the best way to do that is to get a digital version of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches’ into the hands of as many people who can make best use of it… People who we know are actively looking to bypass the current economic gloom and take their financial future into their own hands.  

So, here’s the deal for you today…

If you’d like an advance, priority digital copy of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home’, and provided you order right now, you can get hold of your personal copy for just $97

That’s right… just $97!

That’s a saving of $200 on what’s going to be the published price of the physical version of the course at $297 later this year … which is a huge saving and a massive bargain.  

But even at this super low price, I don’t expect you to take a risk or make a firm commitment until you have gone through the course and seen first-hand everything that the ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches‘ has to offer. 

For that reason, I also want you to know that you can request you priority digital copy of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches’  today and rest peacefully knowing that, if for whatever reason (or no reason at all), you decide that you don’t want to continue, you’re covered by our very simply no-quibble cast-iron 30 day money back guarantee.

Your Cast Iron No Quibble
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Request and download the ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches‘ on a review basis without any risk or obligation. Study the manual together with all the additional free bonus reports. Even put the system into practice, send emails and even start making money if you like.

If you’re unhappy with what you receive for any reason whatsoever, or you don’t feel it will work for you, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your payment in full. No questions asked. All we request is that you review everything fairly, to at the very least, give it a shot.

Fair enough?

To get started on your new and exciting journey, it all starts by clicking the big button below and requesting your advance, priority digital copy of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home’.

Make no mistake about it, with the cost of living continually rising, things are about to get a whole lot tougher before they get better. The outlook is bleak for the majority of people who rely solely on having a regular job and receiving ‘wages’ from their employer in order to cover their monthly living expenses… 

...But, you don’t have to be in the ‘majority’.

There is an escape route you can take, which is in front of you right now. And what’s most exciting about it, is that this is an opportunity that you can get started with immediately, even if you’re working to a tight shoe-string budget.

All thanks to the extremely low running costs of an online business opportunity like this.

Why stand on the side-lines watching others enjoy all the wonderful things that life can offer, when you can be joining them with such a simple and proven way of making money from home? 

Right now you’re just one step away from joining them. It all starts by clicking the button above right now and requesting your advance, priority digital copy of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home‘

Do that right now and in just a few minutes time you can be taking a risk-free look at the entire course for yourself, discovering how easily you can being profiting from ‘clicking the send button’ each day all thanks to The Lazy Way To Email Riches.

Here’s to your future!


Nick James

PS. Request your advance, priority, digital copy of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home’ today and you will also get four additional special reports. These reports have a combined value of $99.80 but they are included free with my compliments when you make your request today.

These extra reports are:

Special Report Number 1: How To Craft High-Response Subject Lines – So that each of your email marketing messages can achieve the highest possible open rates, which is one of the very first metrics you will learn to measure your success by.
Special Report Number 2: 50 Call To Action Phrases That Get Results! – Containing my best performing ‘trigger phrases’ that work almost hypnotically to encourage your readers to ‘click through’ for more information about the product or service your introducing to them. The more clicks you have, the more money you will make.
Special Report Number 3: Pre-Flight Email Checklists – To guide you through every email marketing decision you need to make and every process you need to follow. With this handy collection of checklists at your side, there will be nothing to stop you from creating and sending as many ‘money making emails’ as you want, for many years to come.
Special Report Number 4: Instant Email Subscribers – Because you will want to ‘hit-the-ground-running’ and begin sending out emails in the shortest amount of time, this report shows you how to get Instant Email Subscribers to send your messages to. Imagine 1,000+ opt-in subscribers all receiving your very first marketing message after you hit that ‘send’ button. 

PPS. You will also receive instant digital access to download everything, as soon as you have placed your order, even if it’s 2am in the morning where you live right now. Why wait and pay more later, when you can save $200 today and get everything for a single payment of just $97

PPPS. If there was ever ‘a perfect time’ to learn how to do this, it’s right now. So, be sure to request your advance, priority digital copy of ‘The Lazy Way To Email Riches – How To Make A Six-Figure Income Sending Simple Emails From Home’ ASAP.

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